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A few weeks ago I got the most recent Pottery Barn in the mail. The past few months I have been so busy that for the most part I haven't even sat down to look through any magazines or catalogs. This time however we had gotten the mail as we were headed out in the car and Jon was driving so I opened it up and started looking through. Immediately I fell in love with two or three of the pages filled with Easter and spring decor!  There was a table setting that had eggs that spelled out Happy Easter and then there were some moss letters that quickly became projects I knew I wanted to do. The next day Lillie and I made a trip to the craft store to get supplies and over the past few weeks have made a whole bunch of Easter and spring projects. Well, I soon realized I was not the only person inspired by this latest Pottery Barn as I have seen these ideas all over blogland lately so they are not going to be new to probably any of you. I will still show you what we did anyway, though. 

For today I will show you how we made a knock-off version of these moss letters by Pottery Barn:

Pottery Barn's letters sell for $79 EACH! (plus shipping and handling - yikes!) They are twice the size of the ones we did as they are between 18 and 20" and the ones we did are only 10" but
we were able to do ours for about $4.50 each!

I went to the craft store planning on either getting just the letter H (for our last name) if I could find a huge letter and if not then getting smaller letters to either  spell out Easter or Spring. Well, when I got there they didn't have any huge letters and the smaller 10" letters they did have were completely picked through. I couldn't spell out Easter or Spring and my next 3 or 4 backup words were missing letters too. I felt like I was playing scrabble trying to figure out what in the world I could spell with the handful of letters they had left. Finally I realized I could spell HOME and even though it wouldn't have been my first choice I figured it would still work nicely. I also would have preferred the darker moss color to this brighter color but they were cleaned out of the darker moss so I just went with what they had, which was the bright green.

So here's how to make them. 
It is SUPER easy but it does take a decent amount of time and is REALLY messy!

What you need:
Hot Glue 

1). Start with the first letter and get your glue gun ready.

2) Now just put some hot glue on the letter and start sticking the moss on. 
Work in small sections so that the glue won't dry on you.

3) Once you have the top done turn it over and go around the sides.

4) Continue working your way around the side until you are back 
where you started and that is it!  You are done!

I have several more Easter/Spring projects to show you over the next week or two.
I just need to get them photographed.

A few weeks ago I got some of Florabella's new textures and for the first time actually opened them up last night and started playing with a few. Memoir II quickly became my favorite and I had fun playing around with it. I didn't have any new pictures of Lillie to play with last night so I just used it on some of my favorite pictures of her from the past few months.

And lastly I have two of these pillows that are now for sale in our shop.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and be sure to check back this weekend 
for another GIVEAWAY!


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