Sorry, I am sure you all are getting a little sick of nursery posts but of course that is what is on my mind right now and what I am focusing on so we can be completely ready for our little girl when she arrives. Except for one small thing the nursery is now completely ready to go!  This weekend one of my main projects was to get the bassinet ready. I didn't feel well all weekend so it took a bit longer than I had planned on but I did get it finished.

When I was pregnant with Lillie I had been drooling over the bassinets I saw at Pottery Barn Kids and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. They were WAY out of our budget, though so I started trying to find something similar but couldn't find anything I liked nearly as much. I finally settled on a Baby Moses Basket that I found for $39 that looked great online but then it came and I was so disappointed in it that I returned it. I kept hunting on Ebay and Craigslist hoping something would turn up and lo and behold just two weeks or so before Lillie arrived one of the Pottery Barn ones came up on Craigslist. I was so excited! It came with white and pink gingham bedding which worked great in Lillie's nursery which was all pinks, whites and creams. This time around though I really didn't want to use the pink bedding but I also didn't want to spend any money so I went out to my lovely scrap fabric box in the garage and found a few things. (My stash is starting to get pretty low out there.) 

First I recovered the bumper with the same fabric I had used to make the second slipcover for the ottoman a little white back. Then I made a big huge ruffle with that same fabric to cover up the pink and white gingham stripe on the skirt. 

 Yes, the bassinet is in our dining room. I know it is a really strange spot for a bassinet but our house is quite small and it was really the only place downstairs that it would fit and for the most part we will probably be using it during the day. It also has a spot up in the nursery but for now it's home is in the dining room.

I used the last bit of the damask sheet set I bought for $6.99 and used throughout the nursery (I certainly got my money's worth on that sheet set!) to use as a sheet for the bassinet and added a ruffle to a white pillow I already had. Then with my Silhouette Machine I cut out two bunnies. I had two white pillows from our old guest bedroom that I removed the rosettes from and ironed on the bunnies and then added a little cotton ball tail. I put one of those pillows in the bassinet and the other one is up in the crib.


 And here is where it will go if we end up actually using it in the nursery instead of downstairs. Even though I know a lot of people think sticking with all neutrals can make things look boring I LOVE using neutrals because it makes it so easy to move things from room to room. Whenever I get in a decorating mood I am always stealing things from one room and switching them out with something in another room.

 One of the things I love most about this bassinet is that the top comes right off and you can use it as a Baby Moses Basket and it can pretty much go wherever!

Once we started going through Lillie's old baby clothes and getting spit up cloths and diapers and all that fun stuff ready we realized we were seriously lacking in storage in this room so we moved the bookshelf that was in the hall into the nursery and used three little ivory baskets from Lillie's closet that we weren't using anymore and bought two new larger baskets. Once we got the bookshelf over there, though, the three silhouettes looked funny above it so we switched out the oval frame that was over the crib and put it here and moved the three silhouettes above the crib.

Here are the three frames we had to swap with the oval one.  I don't really love them here but there isn't anywhere else for them to go so I will get over it. =) I also cut some bird silhouettes out of the damask fabric and hung them over in the lone bare corner.  I am not sure I like them floating off by themselves. I think I am going to add a branch like in Lillie's room. What do you think? I can't decide if it would be too repetitive having branches be in both their rooms, but the birds just look so lost without it. I originally had planned on making a mobile with the fabric birds and some branches but I had a nightmare one night about it falling on our poor baby and now can't get that out of my head so if I do use a branch definitely will keep it over in that corner. If I do I will do a tutorial on how to make it and hang it because we got a lot of questions about that in Lillie' s room.

And if you haven't already seen it here are a couple of shots of the other side of the room.

If you want to see all of the photos form the original nursery post just click here.

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I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I have a tutorial I just finished up for my next post which I hope will be either Thursday or Friday.

 PS - And thank you to Krista for letting us know our Grab Button wasn't working. 
It should be all fixed now!


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