Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve! We have had busy last few days. We had a wonderful time in Chapel Hill and then a nice easy flight up to New Hampshire where we had a great time last night at Jamie and Josh's Christmas party. I went over yesterday morning and Jamie and I finished decorating her's and Josh's home for their Christmas party. Here are some photos. (I showed some pictures of her dining room that we did last time I was here in a previous post so I won't repost any of those to keep this post from getting too long!)

Here is their great room:

And here is their entryway which is my absolute FAVORITE but was impossible to find a good spot to stand in to photograph it. I think I need a wider lens for spots like this. These photos don't begin to show what it really looks like. I am so incredibly jealous of her new mirror!

And here is their newly finished breakfast nook. Josh made the table!

We also had a lot of fun in Chapel Hill on Tuesday although the game against Carolina didn't go quite like we would have liked =(. Lillie didn't seem to mind though, seeing how we sat directly behind the players and she could basically poke them all night long! =)

 Here she is after enjoying a candycane.

Sitting on the bench after the game.

Lillie and our cousin Lauren.

 She was in love with Blake.

And since arriving in New Hampshire Lillie has enjoyed plowing with Papa.

And here is our Christmas card. I was going to take a photo of it but haven't gotten to it so instead I will just upload the front, inside and back. 

Merry Christmas to you all from the Holmes Family!!!
I hope you all have a blessed Christmas Eve and a beautiful day tomorrow!

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