I am a bit behind here on blogging thanks to a bit of a computer fiasco. My laptop screen got shattered in a little accident thanks to my accidentally setting it down right in front of Lillie's path! Although I have been needing a new laptop for quite some time now I really wasn't planning on getting one right now but didn't have much of a choice as it was beyond repair. I already was terribly behind on e-mails and other computer work so thanks to this little setback I am even further behind. So - if you are waiting on an response please don't think I am ignoring you I am just still trying to get caught up. I am excited to have a new laptop and be back to using a Mac again, but I am a bit rusty and it is taking me forever trying to salvage all of my old artwork and files and stuff so it may be another week or two until I am finally back on track!

In the meantime here are some photos from our time up here in New England. Two of my favorite places to go when I am up there are Burdick's and Homestead Farms. Burdick's is this divine little place that is part French restaurant, part cafe and part chocolate shop. It is my absolute favorite place to eat in the whole world. It also holds a special place in my heart because Jon and I ate dinner there the night he proposed and we had our rehearsal dinner there, as well. Every time we are up here we make at least one visit there for either a dinner or at least a little hot cocoa and some dessert. This trip we got to do both. We went there for dinner on Wednesday and met my grandmother there for hot cocoa and croissants on Thursday. I love going there any time, but Christmastime is my favorite. Unfortunately my pictures do not even begin to capture the charm of this place or how incredibly beautiful the decor is. 

And one of my other favorite places to go to is Homestead Farms, which is a farm stand my uncle owns. I actually worked there back in high school. It is fun to go there any time of year (you can see some pictures of one of our many trips there this summer in this post) but, again, my favorite time is at Christmas when they have horse-drawn wagons (or sleighs, depending on if there is snow or not) that bring you out to the Christmas trees where you get to cut a tree down and then attach it to the side of the wagon and bring it back to the stand where free hot cocoa and fresh homemade donuts are waiting!  I am not sure whether Lillie's favorite part was eating all of the donuts or "riding the horsies".

Although I am not much of an animal person, even I have to admit these horses are beautiful!

We did it backwards this year and ate our donuts and drank our hot cocoa first and then took our ride. (And then actually went back inside for MORE donuts...not that surprising - haha!)  They churn out the donuts all day long and it seemed like they were refreshing the trays about every ten minutes so you can imagine how fresh these donuts were!

 And here she is stuffing a cinnamon sugar munchkin into her mouth. She's definitely my child!

 Hopping on the wagon with Auntie Jamie.

Playing "one, two, three....swing" with Moosie and Jamie.

And here she is playing her new favorite game (actually I am not sure this qualifies as a game and  personally I cannot figure out why she likes it so much but she goes crazy about it). I think she made Jamie and Josh play this every day that we were here! Uncle "Dutch", as she calls him, puts her up on his shoulders and then Jamie rushes in to kiss him.

And here Jamie is going in for a kiss! (Dana and Jason - be very thankful you haven't had to witness this game yet, I think you might gag. I am afraid though you will definitely have to see it at Christmas, as Lillie pretty much demands it as soon as Josh walks through the door).

 After they kiss she laughs hysterically for like five minutes. It is the funniest thing to watch her, although I get nervous she is going to fall off of Josh's shoulders because she laughs so hard. And then once she catches her breath she insists they do it again. 

And here is my mom and precious little Abigail Grace.

We are flying back home to Williamsburg today and can't wait to see Jon! Once we are settled back in I will do another post with some pictures of all the decorating we did this week!

Also we will be reopening our shop today and will only be open for a few days before we close down again for Christmas! There is still time for any screenprinted items that are ordered to be there for Christmas as long as you order them this week. We also now have the Mary Poppins Thermal back in stock in all sizes and the Jane Austen Slate Short Sleeve back in stock in all sizes! And Monday, as soon as I can take some photos, we should finally have a kids version of the Mary Poppins Thermal

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!


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