Hello everyone! This will be super short as it is late and I still have lots to do before bed. I just wanted to let you all know our holiday shop schedule and to tell you about our Black Friday Sale (which will run from Friday through Monday). First, here is our shop schedule starting with tomorrow, or I guess now it is technically today:

November 24 - 25th - CLOSED
November 26th - 30th  - OPEN
December 1st - 11th - CLOSED
December 12th - 17th - OPEN
December 18th - 29th CLOSED

As of yesterday Etsy now offers shops the option for a discount code - YAY! So in honor of that we will be offering a discount to anyone reading this blog starting Friday and running through Monday!
Just enter BLOG15 in the discount code line when you are checking out and you will get
15% off your order!

We are almost done with our Christmas decorating! I tried to take some photos today but the lighting was horrible. I will try again tomorrow. The only room I was able to get a few sort of clear shots of was our guest room although we just did a simple wreath and tiny tree in there so there's not much to see. After Christmas this room is going to be changing into a nursery - ahhhh!

We also tried to take our Christmas card photo this week. Let's just say we very UNSUCCESSFULLY tried! Lillie has NOT been into taking pictures lately so I haven't even bothered trying these past few weeks. I think the last ones I really took of her were on Halloween. It has been really warm these past few days which isn't really that great as far as Christmas card shots go, but oh well, I wanted to hurry up and get some taken so I would have time to edit them and then make the cards.

Here are some of the lovely shots I got (and I am clearly being sarcastic!)

When I take my camera out her response as of late has been "Night-night, Mommy"

Of the 200 shots I took I think about 150 of them were of her backside! Arghhh!

Too bad I couldn't have climbed over on the other side of the fence with the horses- then I could have at least gotten some of her face!

Oh how she does love those horses!

When we finally got to the spot where I wanted to take some pictures she refused to smile or look at the camera! I took our Christmas card picture last year on this same doorstep in Colonial Williamsburg and remember thinking I couldn't wait until next year and she was a little older because it would be so much easier taking pictures then.....little did I know!

Finally - a smile! I guess it would have been too much to ask for her to smile AND look at me! Haha!

Oh Mommy, this is exhausting!

Needless to say I will be giving it another try either tomorrow or Thursday. However, if we don't luck out next time I am giving up and just going to use a picture from this summer or fall!

 Don't forget to scroll down two posts and enter our giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day to enter!

Well, I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!


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