On Friday night my older sister, Erin had her beautiful little girl, Calla Blue! I thought that Jon and I were going to have the best birthing story in the family after "Deer Lillie" which turned into Dear Lillie, but Erin's totally beat out ours. She and her older daughter, Remington, went out on a walk on Friday evening hoping to induce labor. Well, indeed it did! Mid-way through the walk Erin started having some contractions. They raced back home and before they could even pack up their bags and head to the hospital Calla Blue decided to appear! Haha! Erin ended up giving birth on Remy's bed and her husband Mike delivered Calla while the ambulance was racing to get there. The ambulance arrived shortly after Calla was born and they took Erin and Calla to the hospital where they are both doing great! The entire labor was like forty-five minutes from start to finish! How unfair is that? I was in the hospital in labor for twenty-three hours before Lillie arrived and pushed for two and a half hours. I am sooooo jealous! And I am so incredibly envious of everyone up there getting to see and hold little Calla. I just want to kiss her tiny little cheeks and snuggle with her! I am dying to make a trip up there as soon as possible to see her. I just need this awful morning sickness to ease up at least a tad, though, before I attempt to travel.

Congratulations to Erin, Mike, Remington and Dylan!

Thank you to my sister Jamie for sharing her photos with me!
 Doesn't Erin look fabulous?

Remington already painted little Calla's toenails pink! Sorry this shot is so blurry.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a fabulous fall weekend here. We took Lillie to the Williams and Mary football game and volleyball game yesterday and to a pumpkin patch today! I will try to post some photos of that tomorrow.


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