Thank you for all being so patient! I am so sorry this is a day late. It has been a LONG day here. We have had so much fun, though. Will post more on that later. For now, I want to quickly share the winner of the tutu and get your opinion on a new color option for the Fairyland Thermals.

I have a few designs I am working on and will probably post those soon to get some opinions but I am not quite done with them yet. For now, I want to ask you all which color option you like better for a second colorway for the Fairyland Thermals (both for Children and Adults). I'd like to do something a little darker for the second option. I am torn over whether to print on black shirts or gray, though. I can get the black so that it would be matching for Children and Adults but the gray would be different. For Women it would be kind of a granite color and for Children it would be a Gray Heather color.

Here is the black. I was thinking it would be nice with either the same gray ribbon we currently use on the white thermals or maybe offer it also with a pink ribbon and for Christmas a red ribbon.

Here is the gray. I was thinking it would be nice with either the same gray ribbon or a white ribbon.

And I was thinking of maybe doing a pink thermal for kids!

And now for the winner:

Congratulations to Ashley!!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We will be hosting another giveaway as soon as I have time to post again! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And let me know your preference: black or gray?


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