So, I FINALLY took some photos of Lillie's room yesterday. It still isn't completely finished. I need to hang something above her bed. I have a few ideas but can't decide. And my sister Jamie is making her a gray ruffled pillow for her bed and I want to slowly change out a lot of the accessories to things that aren't quite a "baby" looking but will probably be doing all of that gradually over the next couple of months. Once I do get everything finished I will take some more photos. For now, though, the only real changes in her room are the wall color - we went from a pale pink called Melted Ice Cream from Benjamin Moore to a gray called London Fog, also from Benjamin Moore, and her big girl bed! I was sad to see her crib go, but seeing how we will be pulling it back out after Christmas and start working on changing our guest room into a nursery, I guess I won't have to miss it for long! She was quite excited to get her big bed. We got it for $75 at a local antique store/consignment shop! I was so excited. I had several inspiration pictures in mind (I showed you all a few of them in a post a while back) and there were some beds that I had completely fallen in love with at Pottery Barn Kids and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child but they were WAY out of my budget. It isn't nearly as nice as the beds I had been eyeing (it required several trips to Lowe's and a paint job to get it into decent shape) but it has the general look I was going for. And maybe someday I can replace it with one of the other ones. (If Jon is reading this he will probably laugh and say not a chance, this one is just fine - haha!)

The bear was mine when I was little!

A pair of Lillie's baby booties.

The Fairyland Quote is in the frame.

A little tea set that Jon got Lillie for her first Christmas when she was just 3 weeks old!

We found this little chair and desk this summer while we were out antiquing in New Hampshire. The desk was actually a little side table that I had my dad cut down to fit the chair to make a little desk for Lillie. Everyone wants me to paint the chair but I like how beat up and rustic it looks.

One of the main things I want to start doing in her room is to slowly change out some of the pink for more gray. Here is the blanket Jamie made for the end of Lillie's bed and she is working on making her a long matching pillow which I will use instead of one of the pink ones.

Oh and I was planning on taking a few shots of Lillie all snuggled up on her new bed but this is what she did when I tried to take her picture!

Well, that is it for now.
Don't forget you still have today and tomorrow to enter our Tutu Giveaway!

And I am already getting really low on several of the sizes for the Fairyland Thermal Shirt from the last post so if you want one I would recommend ordering it soon. I probably won't have more ready for at least a couple more weeks.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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