My sister Jamie, and her husband Josh, started building a home about two years ago. Now, when I say building a home, I don't mean having someone build a home for them, I mean they literally built it themselves with their bare hands (with help from friends and family - especially Josh's parents). They hammered in every nail and laid down every floorboard and put up all the get the picture. I don't think Jamie had any idea what they were getting into when they started - haha!

Last December they were able to move in but still had a lot of work to do. Slowly it has been coming together and last week when Lillie and I took a trip up to NH we were excited to see it really was starting to look like a home! I know they are so happy. It has really come together beautifully and they have done an absolutely fabulous job! They still have a lot more decorating to do and as they continue I will post more pictures whenever I travel up to NH (we are going to have Lillie birthday party there in December). For now though, here are a few spaces that are nearing completion:

Here is their dining room. Pretty much everything you see here was either an antique or thrift store find! The wall color is one of my favorites - Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore. We used it in our last home and I planning on painting our nursery for our new wee one this color.

Here is an old toolbox Jamie found at an antique shop and it is sitting on a burlap runner she made. The dining room table they are using is really pretty but they are actually planning on moving it to another room as soon as they find an old farmhouse table to put in here. When they do I will show some pictures of that.

This little rocking chair was Josh's when he was a boy.

The kitchen isn't completely done yet but here are some pictures of what is finished so far! I love the finishes they did!

Here are a couple of pictures I stole from Jamie of her window sill above her kitchen sink.

A couple kitchen close-ups.

The entry from the garage into the kitchen/dining room. I love how it turned out. I really can't wait to show you the main entryway but it isn't quite done so it will have to wait for now. It is going to be absolutely gorgeous though!

I adore the double front doors!!!!!

And here is a picture of Jamie and Josh with my munchkin from this summer.

That's it for now. I can't wait to show you more, though, as they finish each room!

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I hope you all are having a great week!


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