So, I had a sonogram yesterday. I am a little under 13 weeks so wasn't sure if they would be able to take a guess or not on whether is was a boy or girl. However, after a little while of not cooperating at all, our little munchkin decided to cooperate nicely and the incredibly sweet sonogram technician informed us that she was 80% sure it was a...

And of course when it came time for the 4D part she decided to snuggle up and hide so I didn't get to see much of her =(.... However, it did make my heart melt seeing her little back and arms and legs looking so real. It was so exciting to hear her little heartbeat too. I feel like I am on cloud nine! I am going to try and be patient, though, and not go out and buy a bunch of pink yet. We have a second sonogram on December 17th so I am going to hold off until then to go too crazy! However, we are going to start working on coming up wtih some girl names we can agree on! We had a boy's name picked out that shockingly we both loved, but girl's names are turning out to be much harder to see eye to eye on.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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