Guess what?
We are hosting another giveaway and this time it is for one of our Briar Children's Hats!!!!
At the end of this post we will tell you how you can win it!

On another note, it is NOVEMBER!!!! I am so excited. I love November and the official start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and then Lillie's birthday and then Christmas! Ahhhh! I can barely contain myself. I wish I could hit a slow-motion button right now so these next two months could slooooooowly go by!!!!!

Here is a quote from one of my favorite childhood books: (Oh and by the way, I am hoping to have the Anne of Green Gables thermal along with a few other new thermals for sale by this evening!)
If today is officially November, then that, of course means last night was Halloween. We dressed Lillie up as Pocahontas and took her over to Coach and Mrs. Shaver's neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. It took her a little while to warm up to the idea but once we got going she seemed to like adding all the candy to her little bucket! Here she is right before we plopped her in the car to head over to the Shaver's.

Here she is with Coach Shaver helping hand out the candy and eating some herself (she's got a blue M&M tongue in the second photo).

Oh - and Lillie put the face paint on herself (I had to clean up the smudges a bit) so that is why the lines are REALLY far apart =)

Dana, Jon and I all passed on the costumes but Jamie (who was by far the most excited about going trick-or-treating) and Josh got dressed up as a hunter and a deer.

Okay, so enough on Halloween and on to the Giveaway!

Here are some pictures of Lillie wearing the Briar Hat:

 And here are some photos that some of our customers have sent us of the Briar Hat:
 Click here to visit J Lyn's website.

 Click here to visit Andrea Hallett's website.

Click here to visit Monique Porter's website.

So, how can you win one of these hats?
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

You don't have to have a blog to enter, either. If you aren't a blogger, just enter a comment and then where it says "comment as" scroll down near the bottom and click on anonymous. However, if you do that, make sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment so that we can contact you if you win! If you have a blog or a profile where we can get your e-mail address then you don't need to worry about that part. If we draw the name of someone who we have no way of contacting we will simply draw a new name. You can comment each day if you would like to up your chances!

For an extra entry become a follower of our blog!

Just write "follower" as your comment so it counts as an entry.

We will choose a winner and will announce it next Wednesday, November10th!

Happy November!!!!!


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