Okay, so technically there wasn't a baby in the present. But there were some books about new babies and being a big sister in there for Lillie! We just found out this weekend and told our families and a few close friends, but I was waiting until my doctor's appointment today to actually write it here on the blog! I know that a lot of people frown on announcing it so early, but I am not the patient type of person....this often gets me into trouble, but oh well! Anyway, we are ridiculously excited! (And I am thinking now it will be easier to convince Jon that we should start on Lillie's "big girl" room! In fact, when I asked him last night if we could start painting it this weekend, I didn't get a "no"....although I didn't get a "yes", either, but I figured him not saying no was a step in the right direction, right?....haha)

I also really quickly made her this big sister shirt and we took her over to the William and Mary campus to show everyone!

Well, that's the big news for today!

Also, I do have the cuddle bug onesie listed in the shop and I also have it in both long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T. I also have the Model Tee one ready to go as well although I haven't listed it yet. I am supposed to be picking up the rest of the kid's shirts today right at this very moment but Lillie is still napping so they may close before I can head on over there to get them. And then I am supposed to be picking up all of the women's ones tomorrow. My goal is to have everything listed by Saturday. I am hoping to actually have everything listed by Friday but am not holding my breath seeing how the morning sickness is already starting to hit pretty hard. Yuck!

Okay, well, seeing how Lillie is still sleeping I am going to try to get some more sewing done! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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