The weekend is here - yay!  It was a beautiful day up here. The weather was gorgeous. It was warm, but not too hot and there wasn't any humidity. After dinner, my parents, Lillie and I went on a stroll through the town of Keene. Lillie had fun skipping down the sidewalk, waving and saying hi to everyone we saw, and petting several little puppies. Her favorite part, though, was when Papa got her a little snack at the Ye Goodie Shoppe! She is really going to miss it when we head back to Virginia next week.

Here are a few pictures we snapped last night of a few new shirts I have made, a new headband, a new necklace (that I LOVE) by my sister, Dana, and a new children's skirt for the fall. My mom made the skirt and it is my new favorite! Lillie loves it. She even ran over and picked it out this evening to wear when we went out to dinner. It was a bit hot out for a warm plaid skirt, but oh well! I suppose it was better than her wanting to wear her bathing suit. We have another skirt in the works in a chocolate brown tiny houndstooth print that I am so excited about, too! And eventually we are hoping to do a little gray wool jumper. We have the fabric for it, but it might be a while before we get to that one.

A little bit of info on the children's skirts and dresses that we have been previewing here on the blog. We will probably only be offering most of them in a limited quantity for now. My mom is the one who has been making them and she takes care of her father (my grandfather) who has Alheizmer's. Because of this, it is hard to know on a week to week basis what kind of week she is going to have and how much sewing time she will have. So, if you see one of the children's skirts or dresses listed in our shop it means go ahead and snatch it up and she will be able to make them, but if you don't see them it means that particular week she won't be able to. Basically, if when our shop reopens you are looking to buy some of the items that you have seen on our blog and don't see them, or if one week you see several skirts and dresses and then they are all gone the next week it is most likely because of that. We do hope to eventually be offering everything on a regular basis as we continue to grow, but are still working out a bunch of things as we are expanding. I hope that makes sense. I am rather tired at the moment and probably am writing in circles - sorry!

Anyway, here are some pictures from last night of a few new items:

Lillie wearing our new Tanis Skirt (in a brown and black plaid) with our new Emmalise Headband. (Bolero and shoes by Joyfolie)....I actually think this skirt would look sooooo cute with a black turtleneck, black tights and little black shoes, or a cream sweater and tall boots, but it was way too warm to put Lillie in that when we took these pictures last night. Also, she was so busy chasing "Papa" around on the tractor or snuggling with Jamie that I didn't get a single good shot of it. =( It is so adorable in real life! As soon as we have a cool night I am going to put her in some boots and a sweater and attempt to take some better shots.

Lillabel wearing the Emmalise Headband

Jamie wearing the Sabrina Organic Cotton Tank

Jamie wearing the Ava Long Sleeve V-Neck with our new Colette Necklace

Close-up of our new Beckett Long Sleeve V-Neck

Jamie wearing our new Hannah Long Sleeve V-Neck

Jamie wearing one of our customer favorites, The Lillian Long Sleeve V-Neck

Lillie loved Moosie Moo's zipper!

Thank you for my new skirt "Mimi" (her version of MooMoo)!

And now, for the winner of our Savannah Tank: Celeste!!!!!

She has a fabulous blog called Etsy it Up! We will send you an e-mail to see what size you would like. Congratulations!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for entering. Be sure to check back as we will be hosting another giveaway soon!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


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