Wow! Was it ever a crazy day yesterday! It was so much fun, though! Thank you all for your kind words of support! I know I owe so many e-mail and promise I am going to start getting to them tomorrow! It is a pretty lengthy list, though, so it may take me a few days.

 Due to Lillie being up sick for a good bit of the night we ended up deciding it was best for her to stay at home. My mom graciously offered to stay with her and not go to the shoot. It was a tough decision to make, but I am definitely glad we did. I don't know if she could have handled five hours in the car and another four at the shoot. Plus, she had the best day ever! Haha! She ended up feeling fine so my parents took her to the Friendly Farm in Dublin and they had a ball! In fact, when she hopped in their car this morning she said "Yay" and started clapping. I think my animal-obsessed child thought they were headed there again. Haha! They also made home-made play-doh and painted! Lillie had so much fun she didn't miss me at all! =( It was the longest I have ever left her so it was quite hard for me, but she had so much fun I think she was a tad disappointed when I returned!

Jamie and I headed on down to the shoot where there were a whole bunch of little girls excited to model tutus, a few tanks and some hair clips and headbands. They were all adorable and so sweet. It was so much fun, and so exciting, but absolute chaos at times with, around twelve little girls (I think?)  ages one through seven running around! I am so grateful to Ashley and Rich of Pizzuti Studios for doing this for us. After all the kiddos left, Jamie and our cousin Michael's beautiful wife, Dani, modeled our women's shirts and dresses. That went smoothly and quickly! As soon as I have some photos I will share them all with you. As it is summer, and therefore, peak wedding season, it may be a little while before they are able to get them to us. Along with a huge thank you to Ash and Rich, I want to thank all of the beautiful little girls, the moms and the two dads, and Dani and Jamie! We appreciate it so much! And thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for taking Lillie for the whole day!

So, although I don't have any pictures from the shoot to share yet, I will post a few pictures of our newest clutch, The Montgomery, in two new color ways (I posted some pictures of it in ivory a few weeks ago). Please pardon these horrible photos. I felt like my photography skills were getting better, until I took these shots where I somehow regressed terribly - haha! In my defense, the lighting was horrible when I tried to take them and that certainly didn't help any.

Here is the Montgomery Clutch in a Beautiful Coral Floral Print

You can also purchase it with a beautiful burnt-edge flower

And here is the Montgomery in Ebony (it also will be available plain)

And my favorite part of the clutches is the surprise when you open it - the lining in each of them is a fun print that coordinates with the clutch!

And here are some pictures from Lillie's fabulously fun trip to the Friendly Farm with "Moo Moo" and "Papa"

Also, check out the post my brother, Jason, did about Lillie on the blog he just started, "small talk", which is also the title of the book he is working on. Here are some pictures we took a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to come up with a good one for his header, footer and profile picture. The irony of the shots, is that if you know Jason, you know he has probably has no idea how to even start the tractor! The first picture is my favorite, although I can't decide if I like it better in black and white or color. I think black and white.

Don't forget we are currently hosting two giveaways! Just scroll down to the next post to enter to win our Savannah Tank. That giveaway ends on Thursday at midnight and click here to enter out Tutu Giveaway which you have until tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight to enter. We will announce that winner on Monday!

We also have several other new items we are working on. My mom and I went and got some fall fabric tonight and she is going to be making a skirt and jumper - I can't wait for them to be finished so I can show you all! She also is almost done with a white skirt that we will be listing when we reopen. I am hoping to take some pictures of it either tomorrow or Monday.

Oh and does anyone know how to fix the time settings? I had someone point out to me yesterday that my last post says I published it at one-something and I actually posted it at just before four. At first I thought I must just have my time set to the wrong zone but I checked it and it was set for EST, so I am not sure? Any ideas on why it did this or how to fix it? I have actually had it happen several times now but it never mattered until my last post when I stated that it was 3:30 as I was writing it and it looks like I posted it at 1. Arghh!

Well, goodnight all! I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


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