Help wanted! So, one of the many things we are working on right now is our new blog design with Sarah of Sadie Olive. I need to send her our updated logo and let her know what colors I want to use. This has been a bit of a tough decision for me. For the past year we have been using chocolate brown and ivory as our main colors. I really love this look and the vintage, yet still fun feel these colors have. One of the problems we have run into, though, is that the browns print differently every time. It drives me insane! The "dear lillie" and little bird silhouette are supposed to be a tan color but several times now, we have received a new set of notecards or business cards and it has looked like a nasty mucus green color! Because of that, I have been wanting to mess around with the colors a bit before I send everything on over to Sarah. For this first one I just changed the color of "dear lillie" to a more grayish hue. I think this is probably what I will stick with, but after playing around a bit with a few other colorways I am having a hard time knowing for sure. I would love to know what you all think!

Option 1 Option 2 - I tried adding a bit of color and going with a very muted blue

Option 3 - Dark Grey with tan - I think this is my second favorite.

Option 4 - Lighter Grey with Black

Option 5 - This is my least favorite, I think.

What do you all think? Any opinions? I would love to hear!!!!!!!!!

And here are a few pictures from
Fourth of July weekend.

My mom made Lillie this adorable little Fourth of July skirt! What is THAT face?
Of course, Lillie loves playing in the dirt Uncle Jason pulling Lillie around in her little doll wagon. Of course, Lillie didn't want to pull the teeny tiny wagon - she wanted to ride in it! Poor Jason and Josh - I don't know how their backs weren't killing after pulling her around for forever like this! She has had SOOOOO much fun playing with her new little wagon! I don't know if Uncle Josh has been having quite as much fun! =)

I hope you all are having a great week! And don't forget to check back as we will be hosting a nice and easy giveaway for our next post!


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