First, here are a few pics of my pumpkin from earlier this evening.

Why do babies get perfect complexions and long lashes? It's not fair!

And now it is time for our first ever Dear Lillie Contest!!! (And don't forget there is still plenty of time to enter our clutch and pillow give-away. Either scroll down a few posts or click here to enter).

So, for our first contest we are looking for ideas for our screenprinted items. We have several quotes we are planning on using but are always looking for more ideas. Myself, my mom and sisters all LOVE literature. And lately, my dad and even my hubby have become rather avid readers. Even Lillie likes to read:

Here she is at the bookstore
Lillie opening her first Nancy Drew on her birthday
Reading with her Moosie (my mom)
I think the only one we are still working on is my little brother! My hubby just finished two books in the past two weeks - I am soooo jealous. The thing I miss most right now is reading. Since starting Dear Lillie I haven't opened a single book =(. For our family, reading has always been almost as important as breathing for us. Growing up my parents completely spoiled us in one area - books! One of my favorite memories is going to the library! I love bringing Lillie there now. Once we had pretty much read everything in our tiny town's library, they bought us book after book after book. As I am writing this it is making me so sad. Oh, how I miss reading a good book! I used to keep a reading journal and whenever I found a quote or phrase I liked would write it down. I have referred to that for a few of the screenprinted shirts we have already done ("Hope is the thing with feathers..." by Emily Dickinson - one of my favorite poems, and a few quotes and phrases by L.M. Montgomery as well as F.Scott Fitzgerald).

So, we would love any of your ideas for quotes, verses or phrases! Or it doesn't have to be words at all, maybe just an image idea. Basically, any idea you have at all! It can be for kids, babies, or adults. If we end up using your idea you will get TWO free shirts with that quote/image (we plan on carrying a wide array of sizes and colors) and will be able to purchase any more of them for 30% off. There is no limit to this contest. We may end up picking one suggestion or ten. It just depends on how many screenprinted designs we decide to start off with. We may start off with just a few and add more as we go. So please feel free to comment below with any ideas! You can leave as many as you would like. We will contact you ahead of time if we use one of your ideas and then in August when we reopen our shop you can choose your two free shirts!

I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Sunday!


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