HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! Okay, first I have to apologize for this post being so late! We actually just got back from the beach earlier this evening and I am just now getting on my computer. We left on Thursday and I packed up my laptop thinking that we were going to have wireless at the beach, but no such luck! I had planned on catching up on Etsy convos, tons and tons of e-mails and blogging, but that was not to be. It was so nice not having to worry about any work while we were there, but now I am SOOOOO behind! Anyone who has e-mailed/convo'd me this past 5 or 6 days, I promise I will get back to you. It just may take me a day or two to get caught up with everyone.

I am extra behind because we had only planned on staying through Sunday, but we were having so much fun we ended up staying through this afternoon. It was the first vacation we have been on as a family of three! We weren't sure how it was going to go, seeing how Lillie SCREAMED pretty much the entire four and a half hour drive there. It was awful and I think we were all about ready to kill each other by the time we got there. Even though it was close to midnight by the time we arrived, we let Lillie run around and explore the beach house and get all of her energy out and then we all snuggled in bed together and fell asleep. From the moment we woke up on Friday morning it was the most absolutely perfect vacation we could have ever imagined (actually I don't think we could have possibly imagined it being so wonderful!) Lillie was in absolute heaven and we stayed down at the beach each day for hours and hours. She pretty much made friends with every human being and dog within a mile of us on the shoreline and LOVED being in the water! The first day she would only go in if we were holding her but wanted to go way out and loved the waves crashing down on her! By the last day she was getting way too comfortable on her own and was going under water and thinking she could swim (which she most definitely can't - haha!) She was so well-behaved the whole time that Jon and I kept looking at each and wondering - who was this child? Haha! We went out to dinner the first night we were there and she just sat in her high chair and colored and leaned over and kissed us and then would go back to coloring! She is normally a little firecracker and getting her to sit still in a highchair is a battle! Anyway, it was a wonderful, relaxing trip but now it is back to real life! Ahhhhh!!!!

So here are a bunch of pics (sorry!) and then if you scroll to the bottom you can find out who the winners of the Adeliene Dress and Screenprinted Shirt are!

Headed down to the beach

Beach baby

Jon and Lillie WAY out in the ocean

She would say "Wheeeeee" every time a wave splashed on her

She LOVES her Daddy

One of several doggie friends. This one was named Payson.

This is one of my favorites! Her frisbee throwing skills were rather sub-par but Payson didn't seem to mind.

She would get so excited after she would throw it and he would go chase it down!

Another day at the beach

Her bathing suit was still soaked so we brought her down in this which wasn't the greatest idea - oh well!

I have never seen her so happy!

Venturing in herself

I think this was right before she went under! Haha!

One happy little camper

Another one of my favorites and always one of the things I thought was so cool as a child- an outdoor shower! She loved pushing her dump truck and other toys around in it!

Lillie and I (she was itching to get down and play)

Trying to reign her in for one more shot seeing how there are never any of me and her as I am always the one taking the pictures - now I see why there were never any of my mom when we were little!

Okay, and you all have waited long enough - the 
WINNER OF THE ADELIENE OR STELLA DRESS IS: Katie! Congratulations! Send us an e-mail at DearLillie@hotmail.com and let us know which color rosettes you would like and what size! Thank you so much for entering and I hope you will love it!

And the WINNER OF A SCREENPRINTED T-SHIRT is: Ang Butler! Congratulations!!! Send us an e-mail at DearLillie@hotmail.com to let us know you size and we will let you know what design options we have in that size.

Thank you all so much for entering! And don't be too disappointed if you didn't with this give-away because we will be hosting another one tomorrow!!!! (Or I guess seeing how it is already 2AM, I should say later today!)

We will post our newest give-away sometime in the late afternoon or early evening so be sure to check back later today!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and thanks again for all of your entries and for all of your sweet comments! We appreciate them all so very much!


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