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As Jenni mentioned in a recent post, blogging and Etsy have provided many opportunities to meet some pretty awesome people. Making wedding paraphernalia has an added benefit: I get to be involved in one of the most important days of their life! Okay, so maybe I just make a ring bearer pillow or a pillow and pomander set or a bridal clutch for most of my Etsy brides, but once in a while I get to work with a bride over a period of time on multiple wedding items. By the time I'm done, I feel like I know the bride and wish I could attend the nuptials! So obviously I was thrilled when I finally got to see my items in someone's wedding. Today I wanted to share pictures of the first bride whom I worked with on multiple custom orders. Carlin was so much fun to get to know and work with--a great communicator with a wonderful vision for her day. She gave me the idea of creating this beautiful bridal bouquet, and she had the patience to wait through many convos and samples, changes and tweaks, until we finally had the finished product. Here is a picture of the beautiful bride on her wedding day with her bouquet, and a close-up of the bouquet itself:

Her bridesmaids carried coordinating pomanders:

And the groomsmen wore rosette boutonnieres, much like the one her groom is wearing here:

Congratulations, Carlin and Gerard! Best wishes to you and your new family!

Photos all from: Emily Payne
A special thank you to Emily Payne for taking the time to send us all of these gorgeous photos and more!


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