Hello, everyone! Sorry, I have gone a bit MIA this past week or so. I had my sister Jamie in town and then my parents came to visit! It was so wonderful having everyone here! I wish they lived closer! I hate that Lillie doesn't get to see them every day. She absolutely loves them and I know misses them terribly now that they are gone. She has had a blast the last 24 hours with my sister, Dana, who was babysitting her, though. It is nice that at least one family member lives close by. As some of you have noticed, we put our Etsy shop on vacation Friday. We have been so swamped and were starting to get backed up with orders so we did that so we could catch up a bit. Then we had a bit of a family emergency. Our Uncle Bob, who is like a grandfather to us, had a terrible accident and was rushed to the hospital. My parents actually had to leave us early and race home. I may be taking a trip up there with Lillie on Monday once we know more about how he is doing. If I don't, then we will be reopening our shop tomorrow (Sunday). If I do, then we won't be reopening our shop until Tuesday. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all, as I know that so many of you wonderful women that I have met through Dear Lillie and blogging are Christians and we would appreciate all of your prayers for our dear Uncle Bob! And I apologize to all of you who I haven't had time to e-mail or convo back. I promise as soon as things settle back down I will get back to you!

On a lighter note, here are a couple of pictures from the past week or so. I hope to get back to more regular blogging sometime this week!

We put Lillian in some of our newest tutus and brought her down to Colonial Williamsburg to photograph them. Here are two of those pictures. I will share more of them on another post.

And here she is reading with my mom, "Moosie"...two little pink snugglebugs!

And here she is with my dad, "Papa Moose" in Colonial Williamsburg (Yes, we pretty much go there every day, sometimes twice a day - haha)

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