My mom made Lillie an absolutely adorable little dress that came in the mail yesterday. It was so beautiful that I decided to put Lillie in it today even though it wasn't quite as warm as it had been. I had to pair it with leggings (and then later a sweater when we went out). While we were out she got tons of compliments. I told everyone how my mom had made her dress, my sister's mother-in-law had made her little pink hand-knit sweater, I had made her hair clip and her shoes were handmade by Jessica over at Mia Joie. The only thing that wasn't hand-made were her leggings. As I was telling someone this, I was thinking to myself in another year or two Lillie is going come back from pre-school and ask why can't she just wear cool store-bought clothes like everyone else? Haha! I hope I can train her to appreciate the beauty of the items that are made specially for her, but I am guessing I won't luck out with that until she is all grown up herself!

Also today, Miss Lillabel went on her first "big-girl" trip to the library today! It was so much fun and she absolutely loved it! They had these little tables and chairs and toy trains and stuff. She had so much fun playing with everything and the picking out her new books! I am so glad I made myself wait to bring her (I had been wanting to for several months but wasn't sure she was old enough to enjoy it) because she absolutely LOVED it! I can't wait to bring her again next week! I am thankful to have many wonderful childhood memories and one of my favorite things to think back on were all of the wonderful trips we took to the library as children. My mom, sisters and I all are absolutely addicted to reading and my dad as of late has become quite the reader himself. My brother is the only one who doesn't like to read, but seeing how he is a 21 year-old college student I suppose that is to be expected. Anyway, I have always appreciated how much our parents nurtured our love of literature and hope to do the same with my children. So, needless to say I am terribly excited that Lillie loves to read "stories".


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