So about a year ago I was contacted about having two of my rooms featured on Design Dazzle - Lillian Annabel's nursery and our guest bedroom. I gave them the info and sent my very amature photos and forgot all about it. This morning I received an e-mail saying I was one of ten finalists in their baby nursery contest! I won't win, seeing how the basis for winning is how many comments you get and I do not know anyone who blogs, but oh well, it was exciting to be picked! It also made me think to post some pictures of our homes on our blog so people can get a broader feel for who we are as designers beyond just clothing and accessories. For now, I will just post pictures of my place but in time Dana, Jamie and my mom will add their photos - although seeing how they are each in somewhat of a moving process it may be a while! Interior architecture and design is probably my first love as an artist, and I hope to someday include a home line at Dear Lillie.

You can see the nursery here:


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