Dropping in for a quickie Friday post!

Literally within an hour of hitting publish on my last post, Brad decided it was time to move the furniture back in. And so we did.

We have a king sized bed, which takes up almost the whole room, so there were not a lot of layout options. Luckily, there was just enough space to include our nightstands and dresser.

First we had to center the rug and reassemble the bed frame:

Once that was ready, we put down the box spring, bed skirt and mattress:

And finally, we reattached the headboard using the same french cleat (see how we did it the first time  here)


I also picked up some fresh new linens from Target's Threshold line:

They are so soft and striped and yummy. We haven't changed out our pillow cases yet or added any of the other new bedding, so that will be coming.

We lucked out—the nightstands fit perfectly on either side:

At first I had set the mirror horizontally on the dresser like it was in our bedroom...

But after a few days of no TV, I started having withdraws and decided it was a necessity in our room. I just can't give up my bedtime TV ritual.

Brad agreed and we removed it from the wall mount in the office and set it on a TV stand.

Here he is hooking it up:

I thought it made more sense to rotate the mirror vertically so the TV wasn't in front of it...

For now, we set the cable box on top of the TV (for lack of anywhere else to put it), but we may re-evaluate this later:

As for the empty space above the TV, I've already figured that out. I have a craft or two up my sleeve to fill the wall.

And that about covers it! It's definitely a tight space... but that makes it more cozy, right? Cozy is what I'm going for here. 

The 5'11" x 8'2" Tarnby rug actually covers most of the floor. You can see how it's only around 8 or 9 inches from the door here:

We are far from done here, people. I have about 7 weeks worth of projects planned until we can call this room "Finished."

Next week I'll attempt to convert my bamboo window shade into a blackout shade, and we'll also swap the existing ceiling light for a fan. Getting there, slowly but surely...

Hope everyone has a happy Easter filled with extra chocolate and peeps!


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