Lola and I are still up in NH so I just thought I would pop in with a quick post because I am not quite done working on a couple of my decorating ones. Tomorrow I will have a post that shows our autumn chalkboard, a new sign and a downloadable print and then Monday evening I will show you either our living room or porch decorated for autumn depending on which post I can get finished up first. For today, though, I thought I see if anyone had any fun ideas for Halloween costumes? Do any of you already have your kid's outfits ready to go? 

Lillie is really getting into the idea of picking out a costume. It's so cute listening to her tell us all of her ideas. She's spent days looking through the different magazines and we have a few options we are pondering.  I don't have any photos of her first Halloween on this computer but she was a little dalmation. Then her second Halloween she was a little Pocahontas. Thanks to Pinterest we've been getting quite a lot of e-mails about how to purchase this costume. Unfortunately it isn't something we sell. My mom made Lillie the cute little tutu and then bought her some adorable little moccasins (which you can't see in this picture), and then I just added some fringe trim from Joann's around her arms and waist. For her hair I just put a stretchy tan headband on and tucked some real turkey feathers my dad had found into the back of the headband. Then Lillie added a few marks on her cheeks and she was ready to go! I wish I had taken some "real" photos of her in this costume, because it was my favorite, but at this age Lillie was NOT a fan of taking photos so I only got a few snapshots of her walking out the door to the car.

And look at this photo of my cousin Lauren when she was little and dressed up as Pocahontas! I can't get over how similar she and Lillie look at times!

Here they are together:

Last year both Lola and Lillie were Strawberry Shortcakes.
 We got the hats on Etsy and my mom made them their tutus. I can't remember where the tights were from but it was some costume website and we just cut and sewed Lola's down to the right size.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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