Two weekends ago Lillie and I made tons and tons of Easter eggs. Here are the last ones I haven't posted yet. I wasn't happy with the photos of these ones so I had planned on rephotographing them but then somehow a few of them "cracked"....not quite sure who the guilty part was seeing how Jon and Lillie both claimed it wasn't them. =) They were in a spot that although Lola couldn't reach she could definitely have bumped so for now the blame will fall on her tiny little shoulders. =) Anyway, now I can't rephotograph them so I will just have to use these pictures. 

I had seen these lovely eggs on The Red Thread. I loved them but they were $35 a piece - yikes! So when we were busy making the other Easter eggs I figured it couldn't hurt to try to add some chalkboard paint that I had left over from our kitchen island and framed piece and see what would happen if I tried it on a few of the fifty million eggs Lillie and I boiled.

Once they were dry I just wrote our names on them with chalk. So easy! Although I wish I had taken a bit more time when writing the names which is why I wanted to rephotograph them. Oh well, maybe next year!

On the other side of the egg I put one of the vinyl silhouettes and then just painted over it and then peeled off the vinyl.

And that is officially the last of my Easter Egg posts! Whew - I am sure you were all getting sick of endlessly seeing eggs on here!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


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