This past weekend Lillie and I made tons and tons and tons of Easter eggs! We tried out a bunch of different things while playing around with silhouettes. These ones are my favorite and what we have on our dining room table. (I will show you how we made them either tomorrow or Thursday - hopefully tomorrow! And I will show you some of the other colors/styles then too. ) Although I love Easter, I have never been a huge Easter egg fan because they always seemed so "cutesy". I am so excited, though, with how these turned out.

This is Jon's place setting (and mine is similar):

And then this is what Lola's (and Lillie is similar):


These little cutouts will be available along with some vinyl ones so that you can make eggs as soon as we get more vinyl in. We are very impatiently waiting for it to arrive. As soon as it does we will have the vinyl ones as well as the paper ones available. We are hoping the vinyl will arrive today so that it can be cut this afternoon and we can have them for sale by tomorrow.


I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with lots more Easter eggs!


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