Okay, so first let me preface this by saying this was not a bathroom remodel. This was just a paint job and some decorating. If this were my dream house, I would design something completely different. It would include an antique dresser that I would use to put the sink in. The sink would have either a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze faucet or an antique faucet and I would most definitely have a cast-iron tub. I love our home and am so thankful for it, but it doesn't always reflect my true taste. It ended up a bit more shabby chic than I was going for, but oh well. We simply added some paint and accessories to spruce it up a bit. Without a big overhaul, there isn't much you can do with all of the lovely builder basics =(, but it was still fun to try to make it a bit prettier. Pretty much it was just paint on the walls (I LOVE the color and will definitely use it again) and cabinets and then we bought the mirror at an antique mall, a few $6 jars from TJMaxx, and a couple of new towels at Target and then everything else we already had. The flowers are from the Colonial Williamsburg Farmer's Market www.vaflowerfarm.com

Here is a finished shot:

Here are a couple before - this was after the big huge sheet of mirror was taken down.

Little helper Lillie!

And here are a bunch more "after" shots:

I plan on switching the wedding photo with a black silhouette of Lillie in an ivory frame, but didn't have time to finish her silhouette this weekend.
Here are some pictures of our master bedroom that go with the bathroom. The wall color looks quite different in the photos - it is a charcoal color that is a few shades darker than the bathroom.

I keep most of my necklaces on my Dear Lillie dress form.

I think that's enough photos for one day! Haha!

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